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Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Exercise your Boating etiquette

Boating has been around for hundreds of years and many customs and traditions have been established to keep boaters safe and mindful when on the water. Here are some tips on how you can make your next outing an enjoyable one:

Be Insured – Recreational boaters should consider buying a separate insurance policy for their vessel, versus adding it to your homeowner’s policy. “A policy specific to your boat will likely include marine specific risks such as wreck removal or environmental damage,” says Wayne Ross, insurance expert from Aviva Canada.

Underway– Always be aware of other vessels sharing the waterway with you. When passing a slower vessel, do so with as much space as depth conditions will allow. When you’re being overtaken, slow your speed to accommodate the vessel and remember you’re responsible for your own wake and any damage caused by it.

Anchoring– Enter slowly when anchoring and be mindful of your wake. Don’t get too close to anchored boats and determine your swing radius to avoid tangled lines. When anchored, keep noise levels to a minimum as sound carries over water.

Docking– When stopping for fuel be conscious of other vessels that are also waiting to fuel up. Once you’re done, move along and let the next vessel in. If there is no dock master around and you’re safely docked, assist others as they dock and undock.

Onboard Guests– Before you leave the dock, ensure that there are a sufficient number of life jackets of appropriate size for each passenger. Familiarize your passengers with safety and emergency procedures and remind your guests to wear weather appropriate clothing.

“Whether you’re underway, anchoring or docking at a marina, practicing responsible boating etiquette can ensure a safe boating experience you, your passengers and those sharing the water,” Ross adds.

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Article written by Avivacanada.com

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