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Insurance 101
Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Why you want to use an Insurance Broker!

Did you know that we work for you, not the insurance companies? We are on your side when you buy or upgrade your insurance or if you have to make a claim.

Insurance as individual as you are

As independent brokers we understand that everyone is different, with equally different insurance needs.  Because of that, our approach to helping you become insured is also different.

We won’t suggest products or coverage not appropriate for you. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your situation first – then only recommend options that specifically meet your unique needs.

We don’t sell insurance, we buy it for you

Unlike agents or sales representatives, we choose which companies to shop. We’re not limited to one company’s products; we have the flexibility to shop the market on your behalf. In fact, we can access insurance companies no one else can.

We shop for Insurance Companies

Because we shop for many insurance companies, we have access to the widest choice of products. More choices mean better products and coverage solutions to fit your needs. We make sure you get the best protection at a competitive price. And when a loss occurs, we represent you — not the insurance company.

We offer objective advice

Insurance brokers are business people whose success rests on your satisfaction with your coverage, price and service.  It’s in their interest to understand your needs and negotiate on your behalf for competitive premiums – even if it means approaching several companies to find the right solution.  Because your broker doesn’t work for the insurance company, he or she can also assist you with objective advice if you have to make a claim.

Get informed help when you need it most

The insurance industry has become more complex with its own language of terms, legal issues and subtle details.  You need a knowledgeable expert at every stage of the process to interpret all the rules and what they mean for you.  Your broker’s advice can also be invaluable as your insurance needs change and your requirements become more complex.

We do the work for you so you don’t have to

Watch this short video below.  I know I would much rather be at the spa than having to worry about my insurance coverage.

Remember don’t be afraid to ask!  When it comes to insurance, there is no question too basic.  If there is anything you don’t’ understand, don’t’ be afraid to ask us. We are here to help!

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